Human Resource – Basics of Recruitment


One of the main challenges we face as an SME is recruitment. With this sector being the biggest contributor and engine to the economy, yet the fast-growing economy is bittersweet for the SMEs. Along with developing the business, is the return of the constant problem of having to compete with multinational companies (MNCs) for good talent, the constant advice for SME’s to be able to attract their fair share of talent is “Stand out by being creative”.

Challenges Experienced by SME’s

  • Unable to afford recruitment agencies that possess the talent that you require
  • Constantly losing out to bigger companies on talent pool
  • SME’s, find it difficult to partner with top Universities and Colleges due to the low number of positions available
  • Lacking the understanding of recruiting or writing a detailed job description to be able to attract the correct talent for the job

How KSMBOA can help?

Partnering possibilities with Universities, Colleges & Vendors

  • KSMBOA has partnerships with Universities & Colleges which then provides the access our members need at no cost to recruiting through this channel
  • Members will have access to vendors providing recruitment services for experienced profiles at a discounted price

Personalized services from KSMBOA

  • Free assistance in helping to recruit the right skillset for your organization
  • Free assistance in drafting a detailed job description

Below is an article on the Basics of Recruitment.

What is recruitment ?

Recruitment means sourcing and hiring the right people to fill job openings in an organization. It involves determining the job’s requirements, attracting and looking for qualified candidates, screening and selecting finalists, and negotiating the terms of employment.

Recruitment can be done with the existing employees in an organization or from outside the organization.

What should be done before the recruitment process starts ?

  • Understand what you need
    Job analysis
    Look at the existing team dynamics – how it works together, who fills what team role and is there anything missing.
  • Understand what you want
    It isn’t just about what you need for the business but about:
  • the type of person you want, or more precisely the type of organisation you want to create or maintain in terms of the culture
  • It’s about the values you want your business and the people in your business to promote
  • It is a fundamental part of your brand. It is important therefore that each person you bring into your organization that is going to be able to reflect into that culture
  • Crisp & Clear Job Description (JD)
    Nothing is as important as having a clear outline of the job description which defines the responsibility and expectations, the type of characteristics and skill sets that best fits the organization and the role, the salary package allocated for this headcount & title.
  • Sufficient time
    Recruitment is no rocket science but having a adequate timeallocated for this process of hiring will give you much better results than hurrying and hiring an unsuitable candidate

Who is responsible for recruitment ?

Every organization uses a different recruitment process and usually in an SME, the hiring manager will oversee a new hire and is entirely responsible for filling the job opening. In small to mid-sized organizations, a human resources person might be assigned to assist the hiring manager.

Posting the vacancy ?

Once the job description has been completed, the position can then be posted on the preferred platforms and this is typically done using social media and networking channels. To identify the widest and talented applicant pool, sourcing and outreach activities should be done proactively.

Interview and Selection Process

When the applications come in, the interview and selection process can be done depending on the requirement of the company and how the process is conducted. This wholly depends on the level of experience this process of recruitment is being conducted for. When conducting the interview & selection process it is important to conduct this process in a professional manner as this will a window of insights into the culture of the company.

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